The STOmics grant program was designed to boost spatial transcriptomics research for the global science communities with all research interests. The groundbreaking spatial transcriptomics technology Stereo-seq (SpaTial Enhanced REsolution Omics-Sequencing) empowers scientists to perform spatially-resolved single-cell omics research with nanoscale resolution and unprecedented scale.
Since the release of the STOmics grant program in September, hundreds of high-quality project abstracts have been received. Our review panel was impressed by the exceptional quality of the proposals with insightful research plans and designs. After several rounds of discussions, we are pleased to announce that 50 research projects from 15 countries and areas have been selected to receive the STOmics grant. The selected projects have a wide range of research interests including neuroscience, oncology, immunology, rare diseases, and plants.
Congratulations to STOmics Grant Program Awardees! We expect fruitful results from all the winners!
STOmics Grant Program
Application deadline: 30th of November 2022
Boost your spatial transcriptomics research to a new level!
BGI-Research invites all scientists of the STOC community and beyond to apply for our first-ever global STOmics Grant Program. Through this grant, you will experience the groundbreaking spatial transcriptomics technology Stereo-seq (SpaTial Enhanced REsolution Omics-Sequencing), which has recently driven multiple top publications in Cell, Developmental Cell, and Science by empowering scientists to perform spatially-resolved single-cell omics research with unprecedented resolution and scale.
Who is this grant program for?
The STOmics Grant Program is open to the global life sciences community, and open to all life sciences research interests. We want to learn about your scientific pursuits and how Stereo-seq may further empower you to conduct high-impact research, and we want to provide an opportunity to access Stereo-seq through the Grant Program.
What do I get if I win a grant award?
Winning a grant award from the STOmics Grant Program will give you free access to a generous supply of the STOmics Stereo-seq library preparation consumables, free access to ample MGI DNBSEQTM  sequencing, and free access to basic bioinformatics analyses through the STOmics Stereo-seq Analysis Workflow (SAW) and the STOmics Stereopy advanced analysis toolkit. With a grant award, you will be empowered with Stereo-seq to produce the newest discoveries to be incorporated in your next high-impact publication.
Specifically, a grant award includes:
3 sets of STOmics Stereo-seq consumables
DNBSEQTM  sequencing: 12 X 450 Gb of free sequencing services to be provided by qualified laboratories, for a total of up to 5.4 Tb of data
STOmics SAW and Stereopy analysis: access to SAW and Stereopy to help generate bioinformatics analysis result for Stereo-seq experiments
STOmics standard technical support: access to STOmics FAS and FBS support, customer services
What is the decision-making process for awarding the grants?
Applications will be carefully reviewed by the Grant scientific panel, which will make grant award decisions at its sole discretion. The applications will be evaluated in their entirety and key selection criteria includes (but not limited to): scientific impact, novelty, feasibility, applicability of Stereo-seq to the research.
How will I know if I win a grant award?
You will be notified of our decision through the email address you provided in your application materials on or before 31st December, 2022.
Note: The purpose of the Grant Program is to empower recipient researchers to perform spatial transcriptomics experiments for their own research. Nonetheless, it remains open to and available for discussions with recipients who would like to consider additional direct research collaboration beyond the scope of this Grant Program.
All applicants to the Grant Program are subject to our Terms and Conditions.
Please describe your research objectives, the sample type you plan to work with, how you propose to incorporate Stereo-seq in your research, the specifics of your study design, current research progress and the insights you hope to obtain
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